2014 December

Anton Kirilov

Anton Kirilov was a judge and friend of Niko Nissimov since their high school times. in 1942 Niko was drafted to serve as a pharmacist in the state’s hospital in Xanti, a territory newly annexed …

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Rubin Dimitrov

Rubin Dimitrov was a baker whose bakery was in the Jewish neighborhood. He was very helpful to his Jewish neighbor. He bought medicines for the neighbor when the neighbor was interned to a labor camp …

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Metropolitan Stephan Metropolitan Kiril

Two Heads of the Independent Orthodox Church (Bulgaria’s largest Church), who saved Jews during the Holocaust, have been named as Righteous Among the Nations by the Commission for the Designation of the Righteous Among the …

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Dimo Kazasov

Dimo Kazasov was a prominent parliamentarian who tried to prevent the deportation of the Bulgarian Jews. He did this primarily by stirring large sections of the public to rise up against the persecution of Jews. …

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Dimiter Peshev

Dimiter Peshev was a prominent politician in Bulgaria of the period before and during World War Two, and in 1936 he served as Minister of Justice. On the international scene, he favored Bulgaria’s alliance with …

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The Heritage Hub

Dear Friends, I am glad to announce a new web site for the award winning documentary The Optimists: The rescue of the Bulgarian Jews. Over the years I have amassed a media archive consisting of …

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